OUR L.A. OFFICE Shares why brand Experiences can travel further

Los Angeles, 30th April 2018

Serena Thynne, our Vice President in Los Angeles, shares her insights and top tips for incorporating experiential marketing into PR brand activations. 

As PR people, how often does a client give us a news story or product they want to publicize and we struggle to make people care or want to share with their friends or peers? Brand partnerships are a dime a dozen and celebrity endorsements are yesterday’s news, but what will never get boring is hosting a great experience.

Creative events and experiences, give brands the chance to tell their story and gives influencers and consumers the tools to make their own memories.

In a time when we consume stories from friends and influencers at 20 thumb scrolls a minute, events and experiences become more and more part of our lives. If we can’t make the party, or we weren’t invited, we live vicariously through other people’s Instagram accounts. Thumb speeds only accelerate when you see clumsy product placement shots accompanied by gushing #’s and namechecks, but see people enjoying themselves with friends at an intriguing event or innovative pop up… we suddenly take the time to look closer and absorb the goings on. 

When you put on a party and invite lots of guests, everyone has a different experience and their social feeds reflect this, giving a brand the opportunity to tell different stories at one event. 

Opening up an event for consumers to attend, enables the news to travel further, disseminating across peer groups through social media channels and by word of mouth. Give someone a great time with their friends and you start to build up your database of advocates… do it again and you really start to build a fan base.

Five top tips for a successful brand experience: 

  • Invite influencers ahead of consumers to create buzz and intrigue before the event
  • Create beautiful photogenic areas and backdrops for Instagram moments
  • Make social media handles obvious and easy to use
  • Get a good Wifi connection
  • Make sure the food and drink flows

 To see this in action, check out our work with Peroni Nastro Azzurro here.