M&CSaatchi PR dubbed CIPR ‘Outstanding Large Public Relations Consultancy’

London, 7th June 2017

M&C Saatchi PR’s Co-Founders, Chris Hides (MD) & Molly Aldridge (Global CEO) share their thanks to not only the team around the world for making this possible, but to all of our clients and everyone we’ve worked alongside over the last 6 years.

M&C Saatchi PR Win CIPR Award Best Large PR agency

It is a universal human truth that everyone likes to be paid a compliment. Last night our agency was paid a collective compliment by the industry when we won Outstanding Large Public Relations Consultancy 2017 at the CIPR Excellence Awards. We are of course flattered and thrilled to have been given this recognition. It is the culmination of seven years of great work and is an achievement that will be shared and enjoyed by every single person in our agency across each of the eight markets we now operate in. It should also be enjoyed by our clients because it’s the great working partnership we share with them that allows us to produce the campaigns that catch the eye of the judges.

The thing about awards is that when you don’t win them they’re a meaningless nonsense, a fix but when you do they are the justified respect of our peers, the vindication of our long held belief that we are brilliant. The truth is they are neither. They are a compliment. Hard earned. And a compliment that should be graciously accepted and enjoyed. Because there are plenty of moments in agency life that are challenging, take your compliments where you can get them. We’re taking ours and we’ll raise a glass or two. Then it’s back to business.