Passion Day: The Artistic Freedom To Explore Different Ways of Working

New York, 30th April 2017

Brittany Lorenz M&C Saatchi PR Passion Day Driven by passion 2

Senior Account Executive, Brittany Lorenz, rolls up her sleeves and delves into New York’s art scene for her Passion Day. She discovers the parallels between work and play, art and PR.

Art has been a constant creative outlet in my life. As someone who values organization, color-coding and of course, a good Excel chart, I turn to art as an opportunity to let my mind wander as I immerse myself in the project at hand. Life as a twenty-something PR professional living in New York City is full of action, and I savor the quiet moments spent making art, though they can be few and far between.

Fortunately, I work here at M&C Saatchi PR, a company driven by passion, which gives team members a day away from the office to pursue our personal passions. For my “passion day,” I went to a painting class at Muse Paintbar in Tribeca. I couldn’t have been more excited for this perfect opportunity to upgrade from my adult coloring book to a canvas.

The experience surpassed my expectations. I listened to the teacher’s instructions as I created my own interpretation of “Ripple Creek.” I enjoyed mixing the paint colors to what I consider the ideal shade of magenta, alternating broad strokes with intricate brush work and navigating the canvas to achieve what I hoped would pass for a believable tree. Painting was everything I hoped it would be and more.

As I sat on my stool, paintbrush in hand, I couldn’t help but draw a comparison between living out my passion here today and the way we work with clients. I was given a brief and guidance, but also the creative freedom to explore different ways of thinking. The canvas provided the guardrails, a blank space containing endless opportunities to create a unique and impactful masterpiece. I’m looking forward to bringing a more colorful and inspired approach back to the office.

Brittany Lorenz M&C Saatchi PR Passion Day Driven by passion

Passion Days at M&C Saatchi PR

Our core agency proposition is Driven by Passion. We empower each of our staff across the world to take 1 day off in the year (excluding holiday allocation) to pursue their personal passions. This allows us to understand what drives our people beyond their CVs, and ultimately ‘passion-map’ everyone to businesses they’re genuinely passionate about working with. For example, in the last six months we’ve seen account managers who attended Europe’s best art exhibitions working on our recent House of Peroni virtual reality experience (see here) as well as a horse riding account executive jumping over to the Deezer team for our April Fools horse stunt (see here).