Doug Peters/PA Wire

London, 24th October 2017

How do you capture that new phone feeling? M&C Saatchi PR presents ‘Unboxed’, Carphone Warehouse’s first ever fragrance…

That feeling you get when you buy a new phone and carefully unbox it before deciding whether to peel back the cellophane or hold out for a few days. The excitement of carefully unwrapping each accessory and plugging your new charger in for the first time. Ever imagined what that feeling smells like?

Well that’s exactly what we created with Carphone Warehouse and the help of professional aromachologists, Design in Scent. With many hotly anticipated new phone launches recently, what better way to celebrate than packaging that excitement into a bottle!

‘Unboxed’ takes those who experience it on an extraordinary journey into excitement and desire, opening with sharp and addictive top notes to evoke the same emotions we feel when unwrapping a brand-new phone. Luxurious heart notes of cedar wood and frankincense then come alive to evoke a feeling of exclusivity and sophistication before the deep musky base notes come together to create a chic, elegant composition.

Fancy experiencing it for yourself? Unboxed is currently debuting in more than 120 Carphone Warehouse stores so pop in and have a smell for yourself, before stocks run out.

Gemma Hopkins sprays ‘Unboxed’, Carphone Warehouse’s first ever fragrance, Doug Peters/PA Wire, 2017