Watch Video: M&CSaatchi PR’s global approach to influencer marketing

Worldwide, 16th August 2017

When it comes to using influencers for PR campaigns, it’s all about the brand strategy and delivering authenticity. Meredith Brengle, Director at M&C Saatchi PR and Lead of its newly launched global ‘Influencer Squad’, explains why brands need to change their attitude towards influencer marketing by taking it beyond just tactics.

Influencer Thierry McFly for Foot Locker

First of all, brands need to rethink the role of an influencer, and their ability to impact business’ objectives. All too often social media influencers are being mistakingly utilised as a simple tactical tool. Influencer marketing needs to be strategic and integrated into the overall marketing mix. Using influencers as a one-off or an add-on doesn’t allow them to be activated in a way that’s going to deliver maximum ROI – nor does it look authentic nor build successful relationships between the client, agency and these brand ambassadors.

However, when influencers are considered strategically, it can be game changing as we’ve seen for our client Foot Locker (read more on this here).

So, how should brands be working with these new mysterious influencers? Well, yes strategically of course. In order to therefore deliver the desired impact for clients, we at M&C Saatchi PR have developed a global approach to influencers alongside the launch of our Influencer Squad.

The three key M&C Saatchi PR principles to working with influencers are:

  1. Strategic Approach – making sure there is a clearly defined, strategic role for influencers that supports the overall campaign or business objectives
  2. Collaborative Partnership – the best influencer campaigns are collaborative, accommodating the needs of the brand and the influencer
  3. Measurable Impact – we will always be clear on what and how we will measure the impact of the collaboration which varies from business to business

We also have six steps that take us through the influencer relationships process and ensure we develop best-in-class campaigns for our clients. Those steps include everything from setting a clear objective to understand exactly how influencers can best help answer a brand challenge to really understanding how a brand’s audience engages with social platforms – why and how do they use them? – as well as defining a brands content needs. After all, influencers are producers, creatives, and they know what the audience wants.

After a few other steps, we reach where it matters – measurement. This cannot be underestimated. It’s vital that every influencer partnership and campaign delivers impact that is measurable against the objectives outlined in the first step. At M&C Saatchi PR our squad work with influencers for access to their analytics to measure everything from campaign engagement and  performance to reach. We also use tracked links and pixel tracking wherever possible so we can measure the commercial impact, observing exactly what actions and purchase the follower has made as a result of the work. We’ve done this for our Currys PC World ‘Get Started’ campaign, which saw influencer content from the likes of Madeline Shaw gain organic social reach of over 350,000 and tracked it driving tens of thousands in revenue participation.

So, when it comes to influencers do what is strategic, not what is easy.


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** Please note that all footage within the video features M&C Saatchi PR’s influencer work for clients such as Foot Locker, Currys PC World, Dixons Carphone and Peroni Nastro Azzurro.